1. Terms of Use
Everything we say on this blog is based on our personal opinion and written by us. If we give any information or advice it´s not the one of an expert just originates from our minds. We try to be as correct and accurate as possible but opinions are subjective so not everybody will agree. Keep in mind that if you take any information from our blog it´s at your own risk and you are reading our website at your own free will.

2. Copyright Policy
Unless otherwise noted we are the rightful and legal owners and copyright holders of all material posted on our blog. Nobody is allowed to use, publish or reprint our content without our written agreement.

3. Hold Harmless
Like already stated our blog and the information provided on there is for entertainment purpose only and we are not providing professional advice. Be aware that you are reading and using all information at your own risk.

4. Privacy Statement
We will not sell or give any of the personal information of our subscribers to third parties. Everything we know about you is kept confidential and we try to protect your data as best as we can but also note that we are not responsible in any way for any loss or misuse of your data from third parties.

5. Reserve Rights
We reserve the right to change the focus on our blog, to sell it, to shut it down, to change the terms of use or to change anything else we want with or without prior notice

6. Advertisers and Sponsors
If we have any advertisers or sponsors we will not be responsible for their actions. If you buy or click on a product linked on our blog it´s on your own risk and you have to deal with that company to resolve any issues and not with us.

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