Hipster vs Normcore

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I´m on search for a apartment in a city I´ve never been to before. Waiting for the next appointment I go find a small café. It´s a beautiful neighborhood with a lot of parks, little shops and cobblestone streets. It reminds me a little of Berlin. Later on I learn from several people from other places around the city that this is THE neighborhood to live in which actually seems not surprising to me. With an undertone of scornfulness they tell me that that´s the place where all the hipsters live and that´s it´s actually not as cool as people always say it is. I thought it was a little weird how they talked about hipsters as though it was something bad. I always associated being hipster with words like cool, unique, interesting and creative…

But apparently a part of society is fed up with all those people wanting to be different and also some magazines question if the typical hipster trend is now out. But why? What´s wrong about wanting to be as different and unique as possible? And then why are there so many people still loving this hipster lifestyle? In this fast changing, globalized and more and more by technology ruled world it´s no wonder that each of us yearns for individuality in some way. Due to social media and all those networks the world seems to get smaller because we are all more connected. We don´t just want to be one of many, living out there somewhere. The try of being different is the try of making a difference, of finding out who you really are. But it´s not easy in a world where so many people try the same thing and you are still just one of many or how else does it come that there is already a stereotypical image of the hipster: horn rimmed glasses, skinny jeans, a beard, thrifted clothes, canvas bag, a plaid buttoned up,….

Maybe this realization and acceptance is what caused the trend in styling called “Normcore”. Instead of trying to be different it´s now about trying to be like everybody else. I know this style has been around the past year and I´m rather late writing about it now but I have a feeling that here where I live it´s only been around since summer. The term originally was introduced by the NYC based trend forecasting group K-HOLE. They already mentioned it in their report about freedom in October 2013 (you can check out their report and other interesting articles about Normcore if you want to. I put the links below) It sure is a reaction to the wish to look like one of a kind it´s always just a matter of time till there is an anti movement to something popular. Instead of finding the rarest and most exquisite piece in the vintage shop around the corner you now go to the next best mall and combine simple, plain and rather ugly looking pieces to something that looks like the better and more stylish version of the outfit your parents wore in the 90´s. But going for a pair of Mom jeans, some old sneakers, a loose fitting t-shirt and a windbreaker doesn´t cost any less effort than going for the look known as the hipster style and people wearing this are by far not the ones who don´t care about their looks. It actually takes quite a sense of fashion and a certain attitude to pull this minimalistic style off.

So will we really define the term hipster new and use it from now on for those who look “normal” instead  of “different”?  I don´t think so because to be honest I personally wouldn´t define the on purpose unstylish, minimalistic 90´s look with a little sporty touch  as “normal”(of course we now could start a philosophical debate about what´s defined as normal and if there is a normal but I think everybody gets what I mean :D). If you wear this you will definitely not look like everybody else and still be called hipster because you follow the newest trend.

I personally love both styles. And I don´t really think about for what style I should go for I just wear what inspires me and whatever I like. And there are so many more styles which are considered hipster so that I think you can´t really define this word. Everybody has some sort of style and styles are always changing. But to me hipsters are really cool people and it´s nothing bad ;) !! Well and if my writing and rambling doesn´t make any sense just ignore it I just wrote what came to my mind :D

But what do you guys think? Which look do you prefer or what´s your favorite look at the moment?

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(1) Blurry photo I took during a 10K trail run. It was so rainy and the trail was very steep and rocky but the scenery was so     beautiful. It looked like from a movie.

(2) random building which I thought looked pretty

(3) wildflowers I found

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