Mickey Mouse

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Mickey Mouse hat – H&M

Sweater – Zara

Pants – H&M

Shoes – Dr. Martens

Backpack – Mi-Pac

Finally we have a new post – wohoo!! Again we are really sorry for not posting in such a long time. I got a lot of new clothes and I can’t wait to take more pictures of them. I recently got this sweater from Zara and I love the fake fur details even though they make you look a little broad…..but it´s so comfy. And the hat I actually got in summer. I love it so much!!!! I lost it the other day and was so sad but fortunately I got it back. And I can´t stop telling you how much I love these white Dr. Marten´s they are absolutely perfect <3 and the backpack I got for university because I didn´t have one. It´s awesome and has a great size to fit everything in you need and on top of that it has a pretty design!

See you!!

One thought on “Mickey Mouse

  1. Hello,
    I´ve seen that you follow me on Instagram.. you´re a very interesting girl ..so I had to take a look at your page… I love your lifestyle…you seems to be very special and I like that… keep doing! :)

    lovely greetings

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