Favorite Music

Hey it´s me Leonie!

We´re both really sorry that we didn´t post anything lately :( The problem is we need to take new photos of our outfits but I´m currently not feeling too well and have a cold. I really hope we will be able to meet up soon and do a photo shoot. Not only because we need new pictures but also because I really miss taking photos with Josephine and searching for cool locations and putting on different outfits. We always have so much fun :D I hope everyone understands this and please don´t stop following our blog. Blogging is really far more difficult than I thought it would be and it takes a lot of work maintaining all different kind of social media websites but it´s also a lot of fun. I think we just need a little time to get accustomed to the blogging world.

Anyway enough with the excuses I thought if we can´t post any new outfits I could at least do a post about my favorite music. I don´t really have a favorite band or artist I actually just listen to all different kind of music but I definitely prefer ballads or more emotional songs (but not only :D). I often also really like to listen to the soundtracks of my favorite movies. And 80´s or 90´s rock songs and alternative bands also belong to my playlist.

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  1. Chlöe Howl - Rumor I really like her music and I desperately want her first album but it isn´t released in Germany yet :( I think her songs have great lyrics, which describe moments or impressions of an adolescent life perfectly. They seem real and truly from heart.
  2. Kyla LaGrange – Vampire Smile This song is just beautiful. Her others are great too but this must be my favorite. I absolutely adore her voice and the lyrics are so poetic. All of her music videos are so great and really artful you should definitely check them out.
  3. Shannon Saunders – Ordinary People By far the best cover of John Legends song. I actually like it more than the original. And her own songs are also really nice to listen to. It´s often my music to relax to.
  4. Mazzy Star – Fade Into Dust Well this is some pure 90´s goodness. A lot of ballads just saying… but what a shame that this band doesn´t have some more albums
  5. ACDC – Back in Black Yes I like them :D I think it just never gets old and always helps if you are in a bad mood
  6. Nine Inch Nails – Hurt/ Every Day is Exactly the Same I have to admit I don´t like all of their songs but their original version of “Hurt” is the best one for me hands down. So many feelings expressed in this song. “Every Day is Exactly the Same” is also one of their songs I like.
  7. Donnie Darko Soundtrack This must be my favorite soundtrack well maybe it´s because I really like this film but Gary Jules´ “Mad World” and Echo & The Bunnymen´s “The Killing Moon” are also pretty good.
  8. Vance Joy – Riptide One of my favorite songs that are currently playing on the radio. I don´t think I need to say more because I bet almost everyone knows this song :D
  9. Cabin – I was here More of a local band I think but definitely worth listening to
  10. The Black Crowes – She Talks To Angels The MTV unplugged version is the best one of this song. A really beautiful song sung with a powerful voice
  11. Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark They did a great job with capturing the described atmosphere especially in the intro, which is also my favorite part


Well these were a few songs that just came to my head. I hope you like this post and maybe I could introduce you to some new music you like. Please leave a comment and tell me which are your favorite songs. I always like to check out some new artists :)

Have a great day everyone!!